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Dental Scale & Polishing


Best Pet Dental Clinic in Dubai

Dental scales are done to remove visible plaque and tartars from your pet's teeth and gum. In addition, polishing helps to remove the discolouration of your pet's teeth. We carry out these procedures with the most modern equipment to reduce the time required to complete the process.

Beyond just a pet clinic, we focus on every aspect of your pets’ health. With experienced professionals and high-end equipment, Vets Fur Pets also serves as the best pet dental clinic in Dubai.  From routine check-ups to oral surgeries, we offer comprehensive services for the dental health of your pets. With the latest dental equipment and technology, Vets Fur Pets ensures your pets get the best care they deserve.  

We understand the importance of preventive care for your pets, and we provide awareness and encourage pet parents to take care of their oral health with regular cleanings and at-home dental care recommendations. Medical procedures on pets, especially on the mouth may seem difficult. At Vets Fur Pets, our expert staff takes measures to make your pets feel at ease so that the process becomes easy and effective. 

When you are Vets Fur Pets, do not worry about your pet, we know they are unique. We consider several factors like age, breed, and existing dental conditions before deciding on their treatment. We will discuss the treatment plan and address any concerns you have because we believe communication and collaboration are very crucial in healthcare. 

As the best Pet dental clinic in Al Barsha, Al Barari, Dubai we prioritize the holistic well-being of your furry companions, going beyond mere pet care to ensure their dental health is at its peak. Our dedicated team, equipped with cutting-edge technology, offers a range of services from routine check-ups to specialized oral surgeries. We advocate for preventive measures and educate pet owners on the significance of regular cleanings and home dental care. Trust us to tailor treatment plans based on individual factors, fostering open communication and collaboration for optimal pet health outcomes.

Oral health and dental cleaning for pets: why is it important?

Many pet owners overlook their pet's dental health, but it's crucial. Bad breath might mean something more serious! Dental care isn't just about nice breath; it safeguards your pet's heart, liver, and kidneys. Ignoring their teeth can cause pain, infections, and a shorter life. Give your pet the care they deserve with proper dental treatment for a happier, longer life.

At Vets Fur Pets, a top-notch Pet dental clinic in Dubai, we're dedicated to your pet's dental health. Our expert vets begin by examining their mouth thoroughly, followed by a professional cleaning under anesthesia to remove plaque and enhance their teeth shine. We'll also guide at-home dental care to ensure your pet maintains a healthy smile for years to come.

What Set Us Apart?

  • Modern Equipment

Don't worry about rusty tools! We have all the latest dental gadgets at Vets Fur Pets to give your pet the best possible dental care!

  • Expert Veterinarians

Forget bad breath! Vets Fur Pets keeps your pet's smile sparkling with cleanings, fixes for loose teeth, and even root canals - all done by our dental experts!

  • Complete Dental Care

Vets Fur Pets is your one-stop shop for all your pet's dental needs! We do everything from checkups and cleanings to trickier problems. We'll keep your pet's smile healthy and catch any problems early on.

  • Personalized Care

We tailor our dental services for optimal care and prioritize a calm, comfortable environment for your furry companion during their visit.

Book an appointment now to give personalized care and a stress-free atmosphere for your beloved pet. Don't delay, provide them with the dental treatment they need!



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